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What is İçerik Bulutu Customer Center?

Your customers' content need increases day by day. Content marketing projects, blog contents, social media contents, product descriptions, or website contents... It is hard to meet such need sustainably while maintaining the quality, and the cost of time and work force is too high.

We have a great solution for your agency!

İçerik Bulutu Customer Center.

Customer Center isİçerik Bulutu based online service that is offered to exclusive agencies only. With Customer Center, you can manage all content creation processes of the brands you provide service for on a single interface without building a team, or any additional costs. icerikbulutu.com CC buys you time by letting you manage multiple customer accounts on one ground. More importantly, it produces high income while it requires no investment.

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  • Minimize your workload and costs by getting your agency ready to provide professional content service through your Customer Center screen within minutes.
  • Make your job easier by viewing all data of the your accounts in a single easy-reading dashboard
  • Get your special mm.icerikbulutu.com/ajans address and define your corporate identity with Customer Center

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Produce Higher Income with

Customer Center Business Partnership!!

  • With İçerik Bulutu Customer Center, you don't only offer a solution for your customers' different content needs, but also produce higher income without building a content team and with zero investment.
  • Keep in mind that the agencies in Customer Center are informed about content marketing innovations before everyone else! Furthermore, they are invited to special trainings and have the privilege of getting special offers first. Lose no more time for exclusive content projects!
  • Add a new category of service to your agency and make profit without investment costs.

Add a new category of service to your agency
and make profit without investment costs.

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10 Different Types of Content,

Licensed Images and Videos

Unlimited Content!

  • Does the brand you provide service need blog content? Is the e-commerce website you offer consulting service missing product or category descriptions? Do you need to create Twitter and Facebook content for a brand's social media accounts?
  • Meeting all of these needs is now an easy task! İçerik Bulutu is ready to serve your customers with 2000+ expert writers who create content in 45 different categories, 30+ professional editors, its technology and services in Customer Center!

Choose content type, create a request and manage the entire process online without an effort.

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Technology, Services and Integrations

İçerik Bulutu technologies are now yours!

  • With services İçerik Bulutu developed, it minimizes and simplifies both your and your customer's management processes. Special integrations, WordPress extentions, stock image - video integrations and more!
  • All free at your and your customer's service!
  • Enjoy the priviledges of Customer Center, save time and money by creating special opportunities for your customers with our services!

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Turkey's Best Agencies Trust in İçerik Bulutu

With requests created for accurately segmented content creators, we can get high-quality contents that have high conversion rates. To know that we can create content for all kinds of brands makes us feel very comfortable through the content creation process.

Berkan Bağcı - Online Marketing Expert

The reason we chose İçerik Bulutu is that they have content creation experts with experience and that they meet our needs accurately while getting the job done fast. On icerikbulutu.com, we create category content, blog content and product description requests for our diverse customers

Since icerikbulutu.com is a cloud based platform, we minimize meetings and phone traffic, and save time -- which is the most valuable thing for us agencies.

Ozan Alp - Customer Relations Manager

We chose icerikbulutu.com because they enabled us to manage our intended process well. We used product and blog descriptions for the brands we work with.

I can create a request for the contents I planned and follow the process through the interface swiftly anywhere I want.

Aykut Aslantaş - SEO Director

We prefer İçerik Bulutu because they have editors with experience, they meet our needs accurately, and they come up with fast and convenient solutions.

I can say that they are good at their job by looking at their high-quality, swift solutions in content projects like category descriptions or in other special projects.

Erdal ARIKAN - SEO Executive

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