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Meet Some of Our Content Creation Experts


Kalem adı: Leviathan

Studied International Relations, Banking and Press Economy.
Has been creating travel posts for different firms since 2010. Is an English translator, copywriter and copy editor. Cinema and literature are his additional fields of expertise. Interested in football and rock climbing apart from writing.

Kalem adı: nevergiveup

Studied Nutrition and Dietetics at Hacettepe University.
Works as a dietitian for 15 years. Enjoys creating content in health, beauty and nutrition. Worked as an intern dietitian in London for 2 years, has good command of English.

Kalem adı: ScubaGirl

Copywriter with expertise in economy, public relations and European Union.
Studied Economy in English at İstanbul University. Completed her master studies on European Union at Galatasaray University, and on Public Relations at İstanbul University.

Kalem adı: PetitBeurre

Studied Internet Law at Paris Sorbonne University and Washington Law School.
Has master degrees in European Union Law and Internet Law. Has been creating content for 13 years. Creates professional content in tourism-travel and economy apart from law.

Kalem adı: edebigezgin

Studied Philosophy at Boğaziçi University.
Freelance content creator and Internet entrepreneur. Creates content in many topics, particularly in travel and health.

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