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İçerik Bulutu Technologies

Writer Match Technology

A technology to make sure different types of contents in different subjects are created by content creators who are experts in their fields.


İçerik Bulutu Plagiarism Checker

With a technology similar to SEOYOAST algorithm, icerikbulutu.com smart screens check several technical features.


SEO compatible content creation screens

With a technology similar to SEOYOAST algorithm, the smart screens of icerikbulutu.com checks the right use of keywords and word groups in a text.


Editor Supervision

Dozens of experienced, professional İçerik Bulutu editors make sure your contents are best suited to your request and brand vision.


WordPress integration

İçerik Bulutu WordPress Integration transfers the contents that you have approved on your publisher interface to your WordPress based website manually or automatically according to your needs.


Licensed Images and Videos

The best licensed images and videos for your contents are on icerikbulutu.com as well!


Title Generation with Topiko

Topiko is developed specially for İçerik Bulutu publishers to provide unique and catchy content topics.


T-Soft Integration

By this integration the "product description" contents created by icerikbulutu.com are downloaded with one click right into the related product page on the T-soft based e-commerce website.