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İçerik Bulutu Mobile

İçerik Bulutu is everywhere with you!

How does it work?

İçerik Bulutu Mobile Application allows you to reach your publisher, (Brand+SME) Client Centre (for agencies) and writer accounts easily on your mobile phones and tablets.

Who can use it for which purposes?

İçerik Bulutu Writers

You can use the application to see your content requests, to take contents on, to follow the content production process, to be notified on improvements about your account, to connect with Call Center and to demand payment.

İçerik Bulutu Publishers

You can get help from the application to see your contents and content requests, to control the production, checking and confirmation processes, to examine the contents under your authorization by revising or confirming them, to choose among your writer teams, to be notified about improvements and to connect with Call Centre.

Client Centre Users

Besides all the transactions our publishers can perform, you can also download client centre on your mobile phone to see your gain, your expenses and summary table, to demand payment, to examine, revize and confirm content and request details of all the brands connected to your client centre account.

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