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T-Soft Integration is a content integration for T-Soft customers
one of the biggest e-commerce providers in Turkey.

How Does It Works?

"Product description" contents created by icerikbulutu.com are downloaded with one click right into the related product page on the T-soft based e-commerce website. By making each content appear on the related product page you will save on both time and energy.

How Does The System Work?

Request product description content

via icerikbulutu.com screens

without effort.

How To Create a Product Description Request

Connect your T-Soft page to icerikbulutu.com

on your Içerik Bulutu publisher screen

icerikbulutu.com's integration only has access to your product pages, it doesn't access any personal information

Confirm contents and download them right into

the related product page

with one click

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