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Technology & Integrations

İçerik Bulutu Mobile App

Check out our app on Google Play and App Store! Download the app and move the whole process to your mobile!

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İçerik Bulutu API

You can reach İçerik Bulutu database by using API and integrate it into your applications, web sites or mobil applications. You can get detailed information about the facilities and advantages API provides from these 3 examples below.

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İçerik Bulutu Wordpress Extension

İçerik Bulutu Wordpress Integration transfers the approved content on your publisher interface to your Wordpress-based website manually or automatically according to your needs.

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İçerik Bulutu T-soft Extension

By this integration the "product description" contents created by icerikbulutu.com are downloaded with one click right into the related product page on the T-soft based e-commerce website.

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Buying Licensed Images and Videos

The licensed image and video service provided by İçerik Bulutu helps you find the exact item you need among millions of images in the shortest time with its filtering options.

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Smart title generation

Topiko is developed specially for İçerik Bulutu publishers to provide unique and catchy content topics.

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Creating Your Favourite Writer Team

From now on, you can evaluate not only the content produced, but also our expert writers while you confirm or revise content. You can do this only by using "Add to Favourite Writers" or "Add to Banned Writers" button below the detail page of the related content. .

Content Creator Match-up Technology

A technology to make sure different types of contents in different subjects are created by the expert content creators of the field.

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