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Your press statement through which you will announce your new products, organisations and events or an important development for your company is produced by writers experienced in press statement content. You can request content now for professional press statements suitable to your instructions and needs. With press statement contents you request on İçerik Bulutu Smart Publisher screens, you can represents your company in the best way possible and support your advertising campaigns.

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Our writers, who produce content in 45 different categories in diffent professions for the best brands in Turkey, produce blog contents which are suitable for your request, useful, qualified and "expert".

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Contents produced by expert writers are controlled by an originality instrument in İçerik Bulutu. Every content controlled by this instrument is also controlled by experienced editors for more qualified and problem-free contents. Contents that passes all these stages are submitted to your approval.

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Every content produced is 100% original and special for you. Content production in press statement requests is made by taking your brand's vision, its history and target audience into consideration.

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With user-friendly screens on which you can request press statement contents you need and manage within minutes, you can check your contents everywhere with a network and revize or confirm them.

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Notebook Beast Monster is Waiting for Your Votes

(monster computer)

Monster Notebook, which was nominated in "The Best PC Brand" category at Boğaziçi Informatics Awards this year, is one of Turkey's leading and emerging brands in performance-oriented computer production.

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A Revolutionary Finance from Dumankaya: "Fifty-Fifty Model"

Dumankaya proud of being the most liked brand in housing industry with its innovative approaches now prepares for directing housing industry with "Fifty-Fifty Model" which is the first buying pattern in its kind in Turkey.

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